Teach Youth How to Ask Questions about Ads

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Teach Youth How to Ask Questions about Ads
Ads for alcohol products are ubiquitous. They’re on TV, radio, social media, the Internet, at bus stops, on highways, at sports facilities, in grocery stores, and more. While these ads are supposed to be limited to adults, research has found that young people are exposed to these ads billions of times per year. The Big Bowl Vote helps you raise awareness about the impact of these advertisements and helps you protect the young people in your life from the influence of alcohol advertisements.
The Big Bowl Vote may still be more than two months away, but the vital work of teaching media literacy to young people can take place now in in-person and virtual settings.
One way to promote media literacy is to prompt critical thinking. Have a young person remember and describe an ad in a TV show, in a magazine, on social media, or on the Web. Then, ask them these questions:Who do you think created this commercial?What techniques did they use to get your attention?What do they want you to do after seeing their message?How did the ad make you feel about that product or service? Would this be a healthy choice for you?Do you think your health and safety are important to the ad sponsor? What is important to them? How do you feel about it now?
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Keep It Safe with a Virtual, Teachable Moment about Media Literacy
We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of young people among others this year. We’ve taken precautions ourselves to keep those we serve safe, and we encourage you to do so as well.
Fortunately, the Big Bowl Vote has been fully capable of being a virtual event for the last two years. Young people can vote online using a Google Form whether they’re at home or in school, and conversations about media literacy can occur over Zoom or other teleconferencing programs.
The Big Bowl Vote is about promoting safety and health, and we want to keep all our participants safe.

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