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Good morning prevention partners:

There is a common misconception that vaping is completely harmless…The truth is a little more clouded for our youth.

In fact, the CDC reported in 2020 that 1 in 5 high school students had used electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days. Furthermore, 85 percent of high school students who used tobacco products in the past 30 days used flavored tobacco, an important distinction as the CDC points out flavorings may make tobacco use more appealing to youth.

On November 19, the American Cancer Society presents The Great American Smokeout. Use this day to promote a vape-free lifestyle and share our helpful resources to guide parents and caregivers to have effective conversations with their kids about the dangers of vaping.

These NEW resources from Talk. They Hear You. can assist parents, caregivers, and school professionals when having conversations with youth about substance use. 

Thank you for keeping the prevention conversation going in your community and across the country!

TTHY National Team

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NEW “Clouded” TV PSA: Use this video to encourage parents to start having conversations about the risks of vaping and e-cigarette use. 
Be sure to check out this brochure Talking With Your Teen About Vaping: Keeping Your Kids Safeto learn more about what vaping is and how to start an effective conversation with your kids about this harmful new way of consuming tobacco and nicotine products.

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