The Statewide Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) was created during the 2000 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly. KY-ASAP is responsible for developing a statewide strategic plan to reduce the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse among youth and adult populations across Kentucky.

KY-ASAP is also charged with finding ways to ensure the most effective coordination and the best use of funding for all prevention and treatment programs statewide.


To accomplish these goals and effectively assess Kentucky’s diverse needs, local ASAP boards are currently being established. In Scott Co Board KY ASAP, a board has been created to ensure a comprehensive range of services.

The Primary objectives of Scott Co Board KY-ASAP are to:

  • Consider all current local resources
  • Engage local community members in KY-ASAP
  • Encourage collaboration and coordination among all prevention, intervention and treatment organizations across the region
  • Develop long-term strategies to reduce youth and adult drug use and promote effective treatment

Scott Co Board KY ASAP (Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy) Local Board:

Mission: The local board shall develop a long-term community strategy that is designed to reduce the incidence of youth and young adult smoking and tobacco addiction, promote resistance to smoking, reduce the incidence of substance abuse, and promote effective treatment of substance abuse.

Vision: A region of healthy communities free of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and related consequences.